Woodland Wedding at Lila’s Wood

Woodland Wedding at Lila's Wood

We really lucked out having Jason as our Woodland weddings photographer. His photos were dynamic and really filled with lots of emotion. We decided to hire Jason as our wedding photographer as we came across his instagram account and liked his aesthetics. The photos were unique, dramatic and not cheesy. We had a meeting a couple of weeks before the big day and went over the ideas and detail, which really helped to reassure us. On the day I was nervous but he was very calm and friendly, he was in the background as my bridesmaids and I were getting ready and really put me at ease.

Because it was an intimate wedding at Lila’s Wood in Tring, we wanted just one photographer but somehow Jason manage to capture so many moments of our friends and family that we have missed. We had so much fun on the day that it was hard to get us away from the party to have some shots of us on our own but we were so glad he suggested/persuaded us to go as they turned out to be our favourite photos. All the pictures were so much more than we had hoped for, even though the low light of the forest and the tipis were tricky. He is very talented, down to earth and we love his work and hope that he continues to make great art and capture others couple’s happy day. We will sure be recommending him to all our friends!

Woodland Wedding at Lila’s Wood in Tring

Guests could camp over night and an almost secret path into the woods. Besides a wooden gate at the end of the trail that opens into the venue. It was like something out of a film, small tipis dotted around, a tree house, hammocks. Caravan that open into a gin bar, festoon lights hanging from trees.

Hermione De Paula Gown

Mai is wearing Hermione De Paula, whose bespoke gowns are captivating, whilst holding a Willow and Thyme bouquet, made with the most beautiful peonies, roses and ferns.

It’s hard to describe a Lila’s Wood wedding, I just hope one day you get to enjoy one as a guest or Bride and Groom.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer for your Woodland Wedding at Lila’s Wood, Tring, we take a limited number of bookings for wedding photography each year so can book up early, but don’t be put off about contacting me as we still might be available.