UK Wedding Photographer

As your UK wedding photographer, I say do whatever takes your fancy. Shots at the bar? Rack ‘em up! Throwing shapes on the dance floor? Oh definitely! I might even throw a few myself! It’s your day, and I want to be by your side, helping you wring every last drop of fun out of it. 

Before I was a wedding photographer I was a bar manager. And don’t worry, I’m not going to walk around IDing the youngsters, but throw me in a room full of a hundred rowdy guests and I’m happy as a clam! I love having banter with the groomsmen, being an honorary bridesmaid and your mum’s favourite guest. I’ll help out wherever I can and maybe even throw a few shapes at the end of the night! I love hearing people ask, “how long have you known Jason?”. Or “aren’t you lucky to have a friend who’s a wedding photographer?!” 

And that’s always when we’ll get the best photos. When you’re not thinking about the camera, or worrying about how you’ll look. You’re just being you. 

Jason was our UK Wedding photographer.

Friends of ours recommended him to us and after seeing his stunning and unique portfolio we knew we wanted to work with him. It was the best decision we made! Jason was an absolute dream, from initial contact through to the wedding day and delivery of our wedding photographs. We were blown away by his artistic talent, professionalism and overall positive and calm presence throughout the day. We hardly remember a camera being anywhere near us most of the day, yet he captured so many incredible moments and memories for us. Our guests said the same thing and were also singing his praises. It was so special to receive a slideshow of the first wedding photos just a few days into our honeymoon (less than a week after the wedding!) and we were beyond thrilled with the film Jason and his wife Sarah (Harris Films) produced for us…WOW!!! We cannot recommend him enough. Vero & Matt

Stone Barn Wedding Photography, UK Wedding Photographer

Your favourite twenty minutes of your wedding 

I know from experience how quickly a wedding day flies by. And between the guests, the food and the party, it’s so easy to forget to actually spend some time together as a couple! So for twenty minutes or so, let’s sneak away from the crowds so you can let your guards down and focus solely on each other.

My approach to your couple’s portraits is always a little bit more involved than the rest of the day. I’ll guide you towards the best light and framing, or give you direction if you’re looking lost. Because beautiful, artistic photos don’t happen by accident, and I want you to be obsessed with how amazing they look! But I don’t have a list of pre-planned shots in my head, or a go-to set of poses I’ll cycle you through. I want the moments to be organic and natural. 

So with the exception of a few suggestions, I really just want to capture who you are when you’re together alone. Your eccentricities, your love language, and all the little jokes you only have with each other. And as your wedding photographer, that’s what I want your whole wedding day to be about. Two people hopelessly in love, and promising themselves to each other for life. 

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Of course you need to love my work, but it’s not just about that. It’s a personal connection we’ll either have or we won’t. It’s that ‘we feel like we’ve known you for years’ familiarity that lets you feel comfortable to be yourselves. I might be that guy, or I might not be, and either way is honestly fine. But I’m dying to find out!