Woodbourne House – Isle of Man Wedding Photographer

Jason is, Incredible. Mesmerising. Friendly. Talented. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. He’s an amazing human being, alongside photographer. You’ll never be be disappointed.

Why did you choose Woodbourne House as your wedding venue?

I loved the modern interior, location of Woodbourne House, also the availability to get married upstairs and party downstairs. The old building with history and lovely surrounding gardens was a must for us. One of the prettiest venues on the Isle of Man in my opinion. Also it was perfect for our ideal theme, is Starry Night. Dark blue, white, hints of gold. As we’re getting married in October, the darker nights and colder weather is our idea of heaven. ” Ams said.

Also to add a special thanks to Woodbourne House, Isle of Man, Aimee Ford Cakes, NOVA of Band and Bridal House, Ramsey.

Why choose Jason Mark Harris as your Isle of Man Wedding photographer? 

“I met Jason at a wedding back in 2016 and was besotted ever since. I promised myself that Jason would be my photographer for my future wedding and would do anything to make it happen. After many years of admiring from afar, finally made it happen. So exciting.”

If you are looking for an Isle of Man Wedding Photographer, I love to travel and I would love to chat to you about your special day. Lets connect.

Of course you need to love my work, but it’s not just about that. It’s a personal connection we’ll either have or we won’t. It’s that ‘we feel like we’ve known you for years’ familiarity that lets you feel comfortable to be yourselves. I might be that guy, or I might not be, and either way is honestly fine. But I’m dying to find out!