Late Summer Hedsor House Wedding

Bride and Groom embracing at their Hedsor Wedding

Jason was our Hedsor House wedding photographer. We found his work via our venue and really loved the style of his photos. Connecting via video call made us feel confident that we were in good hands, and we were able to explain our hopes for how the day might go.

From start to finish Jason made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. With a slight hiccup and a missing videographer, Jason stepped in got some amazing clips alongside the beautiful photographs. An absolute professional and without these we would have missed the first few hours of our day.

Our photos are fantastic and they really capture the happiness, emotions and vibe of the day. They arrived so promptly and we have loved reliving our day with family and friends. How we are going to select our favourites, we really don’t know!

Hedsor House Wedding

A beautiful late summer day. A classic Georgian mansion. A charming mediaeval church. Hundreds of acres of scenic landscapes and gardens. Could the setting be any more perfect for a Hedsor House wedding day in England? The couple, Emily and Charlie, could not have been more spot-on with their wedding venue choice; and their large group of thrilled friends and family certainly could not agree more.

It all began bright and early, with Emily and Charlie preparing for their special ceremony and celebration in good company. Emily and her bridal party enjoyed Hedsor House’s luxurious suites, surrounded by sophisticated architecture and decor. They were pampered on hair and makeup, handled carefully and exquisitely by Chelsey Leigh. The bridesmaids wore long greyish-green silk dresses, which created a gorgeous backdrop for Emily’s elegant Savannah Miller dress. Bridesmaids were overjoyed to see Emily in her breathtaking gown, with delicate lace designs on the straps, a low back with a soft bow, and a long fine veil.

It was important to the couple that they each have their own magnificent venues for wedding preparations and good cheer. Charlie and his groomsmen readied themselves at the Chequers Inn in the Chiltern Hills, just above the Thames Valley. Charlie donned a smart, sleek grey and black morning suit, complementing his groomsmen’s similar pieces.

Soon, it was time for Emily and Charlie to make their way to their meaningful ceremony, held in the nearby St. Nicolas’ Church. The church is absolutely beautiful, with 12th-century architecture and stained glass windows. Sorcha Herbet Flowers decorated the interior and exterior with lovely floral arrangements, making the location fit for a fairytale. Friends and family crowded into the chapel, delighted to watch the couple exchange vows and rings. It was crystal clear that everyone in the house emanated love, affection, and joy for the newlyweds as they happily stepped out the doors, through copious amounts of confetti and into their awaiting vintage car.

Guests adored the Hedsor House wedding, making their way across Hedsor Park and into a sunlit courtyard for canapes and champagne. Emily and Charlie took advantage of the brilliant light to capture moments with bridesmaids, groomsmen, and each other. Likewise, as the sky began to change to dusk, it presented a magical opportunity for the couple to take romantic sunset photographs in the gardens and fields. 

With the light fading, guests and newlyweds headed to the Grand Ballroom for the reception and long-awaited celebrations. A Hedsor House wedding could only be complete by taking advantage of this sublime space. High ceilings, large window-frame mirrors, and sparkling overhead chandeliers reflected flickering candlelight and embraced unique floral bouquets. Within this enchanting atmosphere, guests could share smiles, laughter, happy tears, and wonderful words. Everyone indulged in the fantastic food and wine from Cavendish Events, enjoying themselves and gathering enough energy to dance all night.

The newlyweds and their guests got their groove on, this dancing was fulled by a fully stocked bar and lots of espresso martini’s. It was the perfect way to end an unforgettable Hedsor House wedding day – with laughter, fun, and joy – truly an ode to how happy Emily and Charlie will be in their union. 

If you are considering booking a Hedsor House wedding, you are in for an absolutely dreamy day. I would love to talk to you about photographing all your meaningful moments. Let’s connect today!