Gate Street Barn Wedding

Set in the rural Surrey Hills, Gate Street Barn is a great place for any special occasion. This Winter Christmas wedding was no exception. Laura and Ben surround themselves with close family and friends for a festive day and love and laughter. Hidden away in the Surrey countryside so close to Christmas was truly magical. GSB is well equipped for large weddings and significant improvements have been made since this fabulous day.

Gate Street Barn Wedding Photography

Each wedding gives me an opportunity to know new people, share in their stories and when required create wedding albums through which those stories would be immortalised.

As a destination wedding photographer, I not only take photos but tell stories. I have evolved my own style, a blend of photojournalism and fine-art photography that enables me to take candid photos with a touch of art that captures the stories behind.

If you are in the early stages of planning a Gate Street Barn WeddingI take a limited number of bookings for wedding photography each year so can book up early. But don’t be put off about contacting me as we still might be available, let’s create something special.