For 17 years I have been traveling around the world to capture love stories.

Hi, I’m Jason. Dad to three, husband to one, Labrador lover, pizza maker, cocktail shaker, and Fine Art Wedding Photographer.

I live on the Isle of Wight with my and wife, Sarah (aka HarrisFilms), our three wonderful little girls, and our Labrador Baloo. Sarah and I grew up on the Isle of Wight, so we try to share our memories with the girls every chance we get! Taking them to the beach on the weekends, or going for walks in the woods together, Baloo bounding around in the bushes. It’s a simple life, but it’s pretty perfect. 

I love a good cocktail. And after years working behind the bar I’m a bit of a demon with a cocktail shaker! Give me an Aperol and spritz on a hot summer’s day, or an espresso martini if I’m feeling swanky. And I’m a sucker for pizza, too. I’ve got a proper pizza oven in my garden, and I love getting the girls involved, making all our own pizzas as a family and watching them bubble as they cook. I don’t know if you’d call it a hobby but I’ve got quite a few tattoos. I love ‘em. But don’t worry, they’re all grandparent-friendly! 

But my most favourite obsession has always been photography. I was always ‘the lad with the camera’. I even have a photo of myself clutching a 101 Dalmatians camera when I was around 8! And now I feel so lucky to get to do what I’ve always loved, capturing beautiful photos that my couples will be looking at for the rest of their lives. 

The Harris', Fine Art Wedding Photographer
Documentary Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Shortlisted as one of Rangefinder magazine’s 30 Rising stars of wedding photography. 

Fine Art Wedding Photographer

with a documentary approach, a cinematic style and a fine-art edit.

Translation? I’ll give you a day that’s all about you and I’ll shoot it like a movie. But when I think about it, my approach is all about memories. I’m a documentary wedding photographer because I want you to have memories of love, intimacy and connection, not endless photos and poses. I want to give you space to make your own memories, be present in every moment, and enjoy your day without putting on an act for the camera. 

I shoot with a cinematic style because it’s the best way to tell your story. Where the photos don’t just capture you, they capture the whole moment; where you were, what was happening around you. Using lighting, framing and composition to put you in the scene, and tell whole stories in a frame. To create photos that immerse you in a moment and pull you in. 

And the fine-art edit? Well that’s just a little extra love to make the story more beautiful. I used to be a fashion photographer, I’ve been taking photos since before I was growing whiskers! So of course the photos will look good on your walls. But I also want them to tell a story. And more than anything else, I want you to love the story they tell.

In all my years as a wedding photographer, no two weddings have ever been the same. I’ve seen all sorts of fashions and wedding trends come and go, but the most beautiful part of any wedding is always the love story at its centre. So as your wedding photographer, I want to give you space to make your own story, whatever that may be. And then tell it with all the artistic, cinematic beauty it deserves. 

If you’d like for me to tell your story, get in touch today and let’s chat and get to know each other.