Babington House Wedding: A Romantic Venue for Your Big Day

An amazing weekend spent at this Babington House Wedding with these two New Yorkers. American couple Allie & Justin fell in love with each other at the same time as falling in love with England. There was only ever one place where they were going to start their new chapter. Allie wore a Kate McDonald Bridal gown, they enjoyed cocktail hour on the lawns of Babington. Followed by an incredible candle lite wedding breakfast surrounded by stunning florals by Passion.

Allie and Justin’s First Look in Babington House’s Walled Garden

Allie and Justin’s wedding day was a magical affair, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. One of the most special moments of their day was their first look, which took place in the stunning walled garden of Babington House.

The couple had chosen Babington House as their wedding venue for its natural beauty and romantic charm, and the walled garden was the perfect spot for their first look. The garden was filled with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and the sweet scent of blooming plants, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Allie and Justin met in the garden, with the sun shining down on them, casting a warm and gentle glow. As they approached each other, their eyes filled with tears of joy and anticipation, knowing that this was the moment they had been waiting for.

The couple embraced, taking in the beauty of the moment, surrounded by the stunning natural scenery. Allie’s gorgeous wedding dress and Justin’s dapper suit looked like they were made for each other, perfectly complementing the beauty of the garden.

As they held each other close, Allie and Justin whispered sweet nothings, exchanging heartfelt words of love and affection. It was a moment of pure joy and happiness, with nothing else in the world mattering except for the love they shared.

Babington House’s walled garden provided the perfect setting for Allie and Justin’s first look, creating a peaceful and romantic ambiance that perfectly reflected their love for each other. It was a moment that they will cherish forever, and a beautiful start to their Babington House wedding day celebrations.

A Jewish Chuppah Adorned with Flowers by Passion

The Jewish chuppah is a beautiful and symbolic tradition that represents the home that the bride and groom will build together. It is a canopy that is held up by four poles, with the couple standing beneath it as they exchange their vows.

When it comes to decorating the chuppah, flowers are often used to add a touch of natural beauty and elegance. Flowers by Passion were tasked with creating a stunning chuppah for Allie and Justin, and they did not disappoint.

The chuppah’s four poles were wrapped in greenery, creating a natural and earthy look that perfectly complemented the flowers. The result was a stunning and romantic canopy that set the stage for the couple’s vows and the start of their new life together.

As the ceremony began, the couple stood beneath the chuppah, surrounded by their loved ones, with the beautiful flowers and greenery creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The chuppah served as a beautiful focal point for the ceremony, drawing everyone’s attention to the couple and their commitment to each other.

Flowers by Passion created a chuppah that was not only beautiful but also deeply symbolic, representing the couple’s commitment to building a loving and nurturing home together. It was a testament to the power of natural beauty and the role that flowers can play in making a wedding day truly special and memorable.

Pre Babington House Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Sunset in Babington House’s Walled Garden

Allie and Justin’s rehearsal dinner at Babington House was a true celebration of love and beauty. The couple chose to host their dinner in the stunning walled garden, surrounded by festoon lights and candles, with the sunset providing the perfect backdrop for their evening.

The dinner consisted of a luxurious BBQ, with a selection of grilled meats and vegetables, Paella, curries, accompanied by fresh salads and sides. The menu was expertly crafted by the talented chefs at Babington House, using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients.

To complement the delicious food, guests were served refreshing Aperol Spritz and chilled champagne, making for a truly luxurious dining experience. The attentive staff at Babington House ensured that glasses were never empty, and everyone was well taken care of.

As the sun began to set, the walled garden was transformed into a magical wonderland, with the twinkling festoon lights and flickering candles casting a warm and inviting glow. Allie and Justin’s guests mingled and chatted, enjoying the beautiful setting and the company of loved ones.

The couple’s rehearsal dinner was the perfect prelude to their upcoming wedding, with a relaxed and joyful atmosphere that set the tone for their special day. As the night drew to a close, everyone left feeling content and happy, eager for the wedding celebrations to begin.

Allie and Justin’s rehearsal dinner at Babington House was a truly memorable event, showcasing the beauty and elegance of this luxury venue. From the delicious food and drinks to the enchanting atmosphere, this was a night to remember, and a fitting start to a lifetime of happiness for the happy couple.

Babington House Wedding Vendors

  • Babington House Wedding Venue | Charity Lane, Frome, Somerset BA11 3RW
  • Babington House Wedding Photography by Jason Mark Harris
  • Babington House Wedding Film by Harris Films
  • Florals by Passion | Manor Barns, Innox Lane, Upper Swainswick, Bath, BA1 8DB.
  • Dress – Kate McDonald Bridal

Babington House is stunning, a luxury country house hotel located in the picturesque countryside of Somerset, England. A Romantic Venue for Your Big Day. It is set within 18 acres of beautiful grounds, with a walled garden and lake. There is something so romantic about an English countryside wedding and even more so a Babington House Wedding. Every element of this day at Babington House was very special. Also as Americans, this was a destination wedding. With their families and friends travelling from across the world to spend some quality time in the UK.

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