Capturing stories honestly, as I see them with no interference.

Hi, my name is Jason, I am a destination wedding photographer, from the UK.

My wife Sarah, daughters Alba and Betty are my inspiration. I am lucky to have taken a profession that gives me the scope to do what I love, travelling, meeting new people and taking photos.

As a destination wedding photographer, I not only take photos but tell stories. I have evolved my own style, a blend of fine-art and documentary photography. This enables me to take candid photos with a touch of art that captures the stories behind.

Each wedding gives me an opportunity to know new people, share in their stories and when required create wedding albums through which those stories would be immortalised.

A wedding album is an heirloom that becomes the most precious possession of a couple and I highly recommend investing in one.

Honest stories, human connections, no clichés and no forced smiles.

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