fine art wedding photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

All the best wedding photography tells a story. And I don’t just mean, ‘we do – we eat – we party’. They’re just the chapter titles, and they could be anyone’s. I mean the real story. Your story. 

I never want you to look at a photo and think, “we only did that because the wedding photographer told us to”. Because you’ll never love that photo. I want to give you a wedding gallery filled with movement and life, real moments, and real memories. Where every photo could be a still from a movie, and every frame looks like a memory paused.

So let’s ditch the awkward poses, the unnaturally-wide smiles, and the pre-planned shots. This is your day, and your love story. And if you’ll have me, I’d love to be the one to tell it. 

Looking for Cinematic Fine Art Wedding Photography and think I might be right for you? Amazing!


Hedsor House Wedding

Our photos are FANTASTIC and they really capture the HAPPINESS, EMOTIONS and VIBE of the day.

Emily + Charlie

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Bride and Groom embracing at their Hedsor Wedding
Jewish Lake Como Wedding

“We absolutely LOVED our photos. Jason not only captured the BEAUTY of LAKE COMO but also the EMOTIONS, and mood of our day. Highly recommend”

Sasha + Asif

Hedsor House Wedding

Of course you need to love my work, but it’s not just about that. It’s a personal connection we’ll either have or we won’t. It’s that ‘we feel like we’ve known you for years’ familiarity that lets you feel comfortable to be yourselves. I might be that guy, or I might not be, and either way is honestly fine. But I’m dying to find out!