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Hey, I’m Jason. Husband, dad of three, and a Fine Art Wedding Photographer, available across the UK and Europe.

All the best wedding photography tells a story. And I don’t just mean, ‘we do – we eat – we party’. They’re just the chapter titles, and they could be anyone’s. I mean the real story. Your story. 

I never want you to look at a photo and think, “we only did that because the wedding photographer told us to”. Because you’ll never love that photo. I want to give you a wedding album filled with movement and life, real moments, and real memories. Where every photo could be a still from a movie, and every frame looks like a memory paused.

So let’s ditch the awkward poses, the unnaturally-wide smiles, and the pre-planned shots. Let’s forget the ‘gram, the pressure and all the things you’re supposed to do. This is your day, and your love story. And if you’ll have me, I’d love to be the one to tell it. 

Looking for a Cinematic Fine Art Wedding Photographer and think I might be the one? Amazing!

Birds in the sky at dawn by Fine Art Wedding Photographer
Portrait of Fine Art Wedding Photographer Jason Mark Harris by Nathan Russell
Fine Art Wedding photographer
Hedsor House Wedding, Fine Art Wedding photographer
Hedsor Wedding

I’m a Fine Art Wedding Photographer with a documentary approach, a cinematic style and a warm, fine-art edit.

Translation? I’ll give you a day that’s all about you, I’ll shoot it like a movie, and make it look like a fond memory of a sunny afternoon.

But when I think about it, my approach is all about memories. I’m a documentary wedding photographer because I want you to have memories of love, intimacy and connection, not endless photos and poses. I want to give you space to make your own memories, be present in every moment, and enjoy your day without putting on an act for the camera. 

I shoot with a cinematic style because it’s the best way to tell your story. Where the photos don’t just capture you, they capture the whole moment; where you were, what was happening around you. Using lighting, framing and composition to put you in the scene, and tell whole stories in a frame. To create photos that immerse you in a moment and pull you in. 

And the fine-art edit? Well that’s just a little extra love to make the story more beautiful. I used to be a fashion photographer, I’ve been taking photos since before I was growing whiskers! So of course the photos will look good on your walls. But I also want them to tell a story. And more than anything else, I want you to love the story they tell.

“Firstly, the images come from Jason, so you just know everything will have been captured to perfection and there will be some dusky couple shots to-die-for.”

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Confetti shot by Hedsor House Fine Art Wedding Photographer

Kind words

We came across Jason’s wedding photography through our venue, and really loved the style of his photos. Connecting via video call made us feel confident that we were in good hands, and we were able to explain our hopes for how the day might go.

From start to finish Jason made us all feel very comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. With a slight hiccup and a missing videographer, Jason stepped in got some amazing clips alongside the beautiful photographs. An absolute professional and without these we would have missed the first few hours of our day.

Our photos are fantastic and they really capture the happiness, emotions and vibe of the day. They arrived so promptly and we have loved reliving our day with family and friends. How we are going to select our favourites, we really don’t know!”

Emily & Charlie | Hedsor House Wedding 2022 (featured on Rock My Wedding)